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BaradKama Consultant Co.

A professional businessman’s main purpose in the construction industry, is to create a stable and secure benefits of his investment. Having efficient and practical program for this purpose not only determines the project’s result at the beginning and before it starts, but also it identifies the hidden risks . Through using the investment planning’s tool such as (Opportunity Study, Feasibility Study and business plan), the project strategies and concept would be planned. It would bring assurance for investors.

Baradkama financing methods for their employees  follows:

1. Introducing legal or individual  entity investors  as a buyer or partner of project.

2-Financing through financial institutions and banks.

3-Financing from the capital market through the issuance of bonds and sukuk types for the project.

Since the beginning of the last decadeو the most important evolution in the Iran’s construction industry has happened. In addition to the indiscriminate increase in supply, beside the decrease in demand level, the business in this industry has passed the product paradigm and now it’s in the ” MARKETING PARADIGM”. The construction industry is a demand-driven industry by now, and this has caused fundamental changes in this business. Old strategies do not have their performance any more. Today, a professional and wise businessman in the industry, instead of insisting on project selling strategies, uses the market management knowledge (marketing) and by creating a strong brand identity and focus on niche market for his project, would run a safe and profitable business.

The Real estate and Construction developing consists of two general phases. First phase is the project or construction stage. By the end of the construction phase , product or property phase begins. This property should be managed by a plan. To think and plan for operation management, especially in commercial and also luxury residential projects can make a competitive advantage and continuous profit; on the other hand it can raise the developers’ brand value.



BaradKama Consultant Co. as the Iranian former business consultant in real estate and construction developing, has been established by MBA graduated architects and civil engineers in 2015.

Brand Promise

Our Brand Promise is to make professional services for Professionals.

Mission statement

This company has been established to achieve safe and productive benefits for projects, companies and investors in real estate and construction business.


As a formal consulting company, and A.I.C.S’ member, we are committed to our clients and professional ethics.

Our Clients


A wise business man always consults with an expert. Our mission is to show practical strategies for our clients to achieve their goals.


In a local competitive rising market, an expert consultant can be your best partner for safe and profitable investment. We are honored to serve professional services in real estate and construction developing for interested companies in Iran’s market.



Our services are complementary with engineers companies and offices; so we can have joint ventures with these companies to serve better services to our clients.

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