A series of enduring buildings has been established by Baradkama Consulting Engineers (the first management consultant in the construction industry in Iran) and as the official and exclusive representative of the evaluation and certification agency EUROCERT in the Middle East.

Mission statement

Due to the advancement of our country in various fields of business and business, standardization and quality assessment and management in all areas are felt more and more.

Considering the importance of the lacquer field of the building industry, due to the high liquidity flow for both the constructor and investor as well as for buyers and customers, the existence of a reliable and credible validation system of an internationally recognized entity is essential. .

On the one hand, investors, creators, and reputable designers in this area have the right to distinguish between business and their projects and services from non-professional and non-professional actors, as well as buyers, customers and employers. Upon full knowledge and open mindedness, purchase engineering projects and services from reputable individuals.

“Permanent Buildings” with a prestigious international standard has the intention of providing a special service for the evaluation and brand-building of authentic and professional building industry professionals.

The Permanent Buildings Complex intends, with the cooperation of experts and experts in the Laccharine Building Industry, to develop and evaluate the “Permanent Exquisite Buildings” Evaluation Agency under the auspices of the EUROCERT Evaluation Authority.


The evaluation system used by the EUROCERT assessment reference is derived from the following international standards

ISO/TC 59 – Buildings and civil engineering works

ISO 21929-1:2011 -Sustainability in building construction

IWA 9:2011 – Framework for managing sustainable development in business districts

ISO 10688 : 2010- Brand valuation

ISO 26000:2010 -Guidance on social responsibility

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