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An official at the Ministry of the Interior rejected the statement of the director of a government bank

Mortgage Bank Stroke

Shokoufa Habibzadeh: President Hassan Rouhani, on Thursday, at a meeting of the National Reconstruction Team of the Urals, ordered the construction of 100,000 homes; houses that are to be planted in the first step in worn-out tissues and with the help of developers (updated housing complexes with more responsibility) on land Government to be built. Houshang Ashayeri, the head of Iran’s Civil and Urban Improvement Company, said in an interview with the East that the weaknesses of the previous plan for the restoration of worn-out textiles were overcome, and efforts were made to use the private sector, the government and the people to rebuild these areas in 270 key neighborhoods. . In addition to clarifying this plan, the official in charge of the talks refers to a case that has challenged the discussion a bit. A few days ago, Maskan’s managing director said that the resource and spending levels of the Housing Monetary Fund are going down and that the fund is unlikely to fulfill its obligations. According to warnings announced by Rahimanariki, there is a possibility of bankruptcy of the Housing Reserve Fund; in particular, the fund’s design is so rigorous that its equipment will be rigorously implemented, and if it does not change the methods of equipping it, the collapse of this fund will be probable. Rahimianarki’s words are completely rejected by the nomad, and his verbal mistake is announced. According to Ashayeri, the official is likely to increase the amount of capital since, at some point in time, the amount of the loan will increase from the amount received by the bank; this means stroke, not bankruptcy. According to her, as soon as the deposit of the loans occurs, the capital will be replaced again. The bank says that the government should help me in this matter. Eventually, a few months will stop paying the loan to be compensated. This is normal and does not mean bankruptcy.

The national urban regeneration program officially took place on Thursday with the presence of Mr. Rouhani. How to start the program in what format?
Less than two months ago, the sixth meeting of the National Reconstruction Team was held, in which the purpose of the Law of the Sixth Development Plan was to approve the annual national plan for the development of 270 neighborhoods. The program was put into action with the view of restoration of worn out tissues. We explained the feasibility tools for Mr. Rouhani. According to him, due to the financial constraints and resources that exist, we should go to the sections that can see the least damage in financing, and its major role is played by the private sector. In a model that was presented, our approach was neighborhood and part of our activity was renovation and improvement of housing. In the modernization section, according to the president’s demand,
We went to the government. So, we put the government supply into the inefficient urban fabric as part of our plan; while we want to provide housing plans in our plan, first, try to lower the density and not increase the density of the neighborhood. Second, consider urban public spaces in our plan.
Is it supposed to create a new neighborhood on state lands?
No, in the same neighborhoods, there are state lands; for example, in the historic neighborhood, the state has six, seven thousandths of land, we want to start from there; the developer must negotiate with the people to build the neighborhood, saying that 30%, 40% You, the municipality, also say that to get a license, the second alley should be four meters, and we talked with people and bought some of the houses and turned into parks, schools and clinics. Therefore, the plan was to implement the plan in the very heart of the old texture or the state of the land.
Which developers are there?
Private sector.
Welcome to this topic? Have you negotiated?
The president and the minister negotiated a large part.
Are these developers the same mass makers?
Are almost different. Mass-builders only enter the building, but the developer also has a task flow during the construction process. Our model is in the form that we approve on the ground and are available to the developer, and he predicts three alternatives in a competitive environment; the cost of making and profit of the contract, the profit of the investment and the coefficient of sales risk. In a competitive environment, everyone who has earned less profit will win.
Do you hold a tender?
Yes. The winner of the bidding process completes the work at the expense of the amount and calculates its profits, sells the units for sale at a bachelor’s price and sells the same value from the units made; for example, from 100 units, 80 units of the contractor’s share and 20 units of government.
Prices do not rise like this?
Finally, we must either accept God or date.
However, people living in these areas are largely unprofitable. Facilities provided by the government?
The first option is that the person does not enter the flow of land. We give the land to be built and no cost is given.
By eliminating the land that makes up the major price of housing, then should we wait for prices to be much lower?
The land is included in the final pricing.
So the price of land at the end of the work is to be considered. Will this price be the main price of the land or will the government calculate a cheaper one?
We do not put the price on the ground. We say to the builder on our land. After construction, practically the price of land is also included in the building. When you want to put a price on a house, you do not have to pay the price of land that you do not calculate individually; therefore, because we do not price the floor, there is no discount.
So the price of new units rises.

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