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The difference between the Baradkama Business Academy and other active business schools in Iran can be seen in the following two main sections:

First, it is a highly specialized approach and policy, in which only the specialized management courses in the building industry are held at this academy.

Secondly, unlike most business schools, the academy is a strategic unit and a subsidiary of the Baradkama Consulting Engineers, and for this reason, the professors of those educated and professional specialists in this field have been selected, while the content of the courses Presented at different periods of this academy are based on applied science and the day of the world and have no academic and theoretical aspects.

In addition to the advantages mentioned, due to the position and communications of the Baradkama Consulting Engineers in the country’s professional and professional community, there will be decent employment opportunities for the graduates of this academy.

Professional courses

Courses held

Workshop on business management in the building industry

May 95th, closing of National Civil Congress
Mashhad Ferdowsi University

DBA Course Code 1

Oct. 1396
kharazmi University

Brandt Workshop for Architectural Engineers

January 95

Architectural Society

How to make 3,000,000 USD in 100 days for 30 days

October 97


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