1. Head of the Technical Office of Tehran Metro Line 2 Tunnel Line between the Imam Khomeini Stations and Tajrish Square
2. Head of Technical Office underpass at Taleghani Crossroads in Karaj
3. Head of Technical Office of Tehran Metro Line 2 Linear (R2S2 to S2T2)
4. Managing Director of Concrete Sazan Mehr Engineering Company from 1/13/08, during which time he managed the following projects.
4.1 Project Manager of the Tunnel Project Part Five of the Northern Development Line One Metro of Tehran
4.2.2 Surface water collection tunnel of Nanjar ten Tehran
3.4 Construction of the administrative building of the headquarters of the engineering company Concrete Sazan Mehr
4-4-part of the tunnel between the stations D2 and C2 of the Karaj city
4-5-station D2 of the second line of Karaj city
4-6-Station C2 of the 2nd line of the Karaj metro station
4-7- Construction of Ponak Residential Building
4-8. Construction of tunnels between the tunnels W6X6 and Z6Z6-1 and the Z6-1 submarine air conditioner line 6 of Tehran Metro

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